When to Buy a Wedding Dress

When to Buy a Wedding Dress

When wedding planning, one of the biggest decisions is finding a gorgeous wedding dress. Shopping for your wedding dress is a special experience, and you want to be sure you have enough time to find the right dress, get any needed alterations, and walk down the aisle in a gown you love!

After You Say Yes


Once you’re engaged and have started wedding planning, it’s time to start thinking about your dress! The best time to start booking appointments is once you’ve set a date and venue. When your date and venue are set, you’ll have a better idea of what your wedding day will look like, which will make your shopping experience much smoother. 

8-10 Months Out


It may be surprising, but you need to buy your dress 8-10 months prior to the wedding. This sounds like a long time, but buying a wedding dress is not a typical retail experience—you’re purchasing a high-end, unique garment. Your dress is made to order, so once you order the gown, the designer needs several months to source fabrics, construct your gown, and add any embellishments. 

2 Months Out


After 6-8 months, your wedding dress will arrive! Once you finally have the gown, you’ll still need alterations. Almost every bride needs some sort of alterations, whether it’s a simple hem change, cuffing a sleeve, or even something as complicated as changing your neckline. You’ll go for your initial fitting 2 months ahead of the wedding, with two subsequent fittings 4 and 2 weeks ahead of the big day. 

1 Week Out


After your final fitting, once the last minor alterations are finished, you’ll pick your wedding dress up steamed and ready for your wedding day! After this, there’s nothing left to do but walk down the aisle. 

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