Ways to Involve Your Loved Ones in Your Wedding Shopping

Ways to Involve Your Loved Ones in Your Wedding Shopping

Buying your wedding dress is one of the biggest moments of planning your wedding. You’ve likely dreamed of this day for years, and so have your loved ones! Seeing you in a wedding dress for the first time will likely be a huge moment for your mom, grandma, sister, or any other family members you’re close with who have watched you grow up and are now helping you plan your wedding. 

More than likely, your loved ones will want to be involved in helping you find your perfect wedding dress. There’s plenty of ways to involve them while still making the experience about you and keep the ultimate decision up to you. 

A great way to involve your loved ones is through Pinterest. You’ve likely got your own wedding planning board, but you can make another to share with your family. A shared board will let them add dresses they think you’ll look good in, and gives you a selection of dresses you may not have chosen for yourself, but end up loving. 

Another way to make your loved ones feel involved is by sending them a cute invite! Even if they’re far away, sending a cute invite with a time for a Zoom call to join virtually will ensure they still feel involved and get to be there for your bridal shopping appointment. 

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