Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit

Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit

Choosing your dress is only part of the fun of wedding planning! There’s also the bridesmaids’ dresses, flower girl dresses, and (of course) the tuxedos or suits your fiance and groomsmen will be wearing. Tuxedos and suits are both popular at weddings, and both look great—but which should you choose for your wedding? If you’re torn, here are some key differences and how to know which is for you:



One of the main differences lies in the details. Tuxedos have satin stripes down the pants, as well as satin lapels—while suits are made of one fabric throughout. The satin details are often what elevates a tuxedo to the higher level of formality it is associated with, and it’s important to consider when thinking of the overall look of the wedding party. 



Another key difference? The accessories! Suits can be worn with or without a tie, while tuxedos must have one (typically, tuxes are worn with bow ties). Tuxedos also have the cummerbund and suspenders, whereas a suit is completely fine with just a belt. These subtle differences make a completely different look!



Ultimately, the answer to this question comes down to two factors: the formality of your wedding and what your groom wants to wear. First, if you’re planning a more toned down, relaxed wedding, then a suit would be the obvious choice! Consider the overall look of your wedding and whether the formality denotes a certain choice automatically. Next, talk to your fiance! After all, he will be the one wearing it, so it’s important to find something that he’s excited to wear and feels confident in. 

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