10 Steps to a Successful Day of Wedding Gown Shopping!

1. Put On A Happy Face- Start with a great morning routine.  Be excited!  Surround yourself with positive energy. Make a playlist of your possible wedding songs and see if the store has a system that can play them. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.  Bring supportive people.  
2. A Pretty Tote- Pack a special tote with your undergarments including a strapless bra, shape wear, ponytail holder, bobby pins, clear deodorant. Don’t spray tan or wear extremely heavy makeup.   
3. Know Your Budget- Do your research on bridal dress prices and designers.  Make sure that you have spoken to those who will be paying for your dress.  Keep in mind you will want to accessorize your dress as well.  It is a great practice to select your dress budget first before you make commitments to a venue, food, etc.  It will allow you to have a workable budget. Talk about payment practices for the boutique when you make your appointment.   
4. Time is of the Essence- Ask the receptionist what you should expect for your appointment and be prepared. Focus on your positive features.  Brides vary on whether they want their back, bust, buttocks or curves to be highlighted. The consultant can give their advice on the gowns and the look you are wanting to achieve. 
5. Accents you love- Bridal designers spend their lives selecting fabrics, beads,lace. They design fabulous dresses with these elements . Know if you love vintage, classic, or modern. Do you like a solid piece of lace or a lot of bling.  Bring pictures, pins, or special pieces that you are incorporating into your day. If you already have a pinterest page then share it with the boutique before you arrive.
6. Be Adventurous- Think fashion forward and be open to the consultant pulling a fabulous new dress that you may have never thought of before. As a matter of fact- ask her to pull a dress that she thinks will look good on you even if it is different from you suggested.
7. Expect the Unexpected- A large percentage of brides end up choosing a dress or style that they may have never envisioned.  Remember that you have never had access to the designs,fabrics, and cuts that are associated with bridal design.  They are very different than prom,special occasion,and pageant. 
8. Less is More-  Allow the consultant to select a few dresses for you to try on rather than so many that you can’t remember what you tried on and how you felt in each one.  Spend time in the dress you like in the dressing room before you go out to show your family.  Know what you like about the dress or don’t like.  If you have a don’t like list that can not be changed at the manufacturer then move on to the next dress.  The dress of your dream may be right in front of you.     
9. Stay true to who you are and the bride you want to be- Some people have a wonderful rush when they make their decision and some people don’t.  Some people are emotional and some are analytical.  You know where you will fall in this.  If you have a hard time making decisions then allow the consultant and your family to help you but remember it is your wedding dress. 
10. Have your storybook ending- Celebrate the day of fun you have had! Go for a quick dessert or coffee to review your notes on your favorite Type your paragraph here.

Once Upon A Time- There was the Ultimate Ice Cream Parlor of Flavors and Colors.
As I begin to think about colors my senses take over. Automatically the thoughts  of flavors, leads to ice cream and just like that my brain is off and running.  

The ultimate sense overload happened at our summer family reunions where my grandmother,Birdie Cleo, and her sisters would pull out those ice cream freezers full of organic tones and flavors that only homemade and farm grown could produce.

We were summoned in a line with bowl and spoon to separate the aromas of vanilla, banana, strawberry, peach, blueberry and chocolate.  The pure beauty of the colors presented in Homemade Ice Cream left me speechless. The soft palette of icy color always amazed me and it still does.  

Today you will find those beautiful colors represented in the beautiful design of wedding gowns which is leaving brides in the same predicament that I faced as a child. An amazement  of a sensory overload of colors,textures, and design hits brides as soon as they enter our doors. 

Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Gown - 
Where Do You Start?
What Color is Best For You? 
What fits your personality? 
What really looks best on the bride?

In years past it was as simple as white vs. candlelight.

As brides enter Lace Bridal they are in the ultimate ice cream shop of colors and flavors woven into silk and lace. 

Today’s brides are introduced  to  colors that range from the soft white tones of ivory, off white, ecru, oatmeal, taupe, ala mode, and buttercream.  

Blush tones ranging from champagne, peach, rose,and rose golds.

Sultry colors of sea mist to a hint of blueberry have hit the runway and are setting brides apart from the crowd as they embrace their something blue for the ultimate good luck. 

Brides and their mothers are amazed of how the balance of color enhances the trim and design elements of the gown. All of a sudden you are able to see the difference  in the sheen of the fabric, the depth of the lace design, and the color reflecting in the crystals.  Every element of the design is simply amazing.  Never before have you seen such beauty in fabric.  “Welcome To Bridal”  

There are 3 Critical Elements to A Happy Color Ending!

Brides should always take into consideration their skin tone- eye color and hair  color.

Always ask for the color expert in the salon to help make recommendations for your skin tone when choosing your dress. 

Maintain your skin tone once you have selected your gown. This is a must for those girls interested in adding spray tan or self tanner for the day. Don’t clash with the color tone of the dress. And remember most bridal salons don’t allow you to try on dresses if you have a spray tan or bronzer on your skin.

Maintain your hair color. Have your color expert notate the exact formula you had when you selected your dress.  Hair color gone bad will make you sad on your big day.

2.Wedding Gowns come in color choices so always ask what colors the designer offers in the gown.  

At Lace I usually order the gown in the advertised or suggested color but there are times that I want to see the gown with all the color.  I have found it is easier to describe color tones of white and ivory while rose gold is something that most brides need to see.

3. Torn between the traditional color which your family is expecting and the warm tones you have fallen in love with.

Often brides at Lace want to dive into a subtle color tone of a gown but feel that they need to meet the expectations of their family (mostly mawmaw)-which is such a southern thing.  We often recommend that brides expand their color options with their accessories.  A champagne veil with beautiful crystal edging will pick up the beautiful reflections of the bouquet as well as the undertones of the gown.  

A cathedral veil trimmed in lace pulls the ivory from the gown and all of a sudden the illusion of the traditional bride in a blush dress brings tears.

Beautiful vintage pearls in rose gold allow for that blush sparkle in the tulle to stand out.

And of course nothing says good luck like a bride in beautiful blue earrings and shoes to match.

With all of these thoughts in mind and documented in your binders you are ready to begin your fairytale.