Matthew Christopher Couture spotlights glamour with timeless design. His couture designs have dressed celebrities and been seen and featured in television,film and premier salons. He does a tremendous job  showing the beauty of a woman’s body. The way his designs detail the perfections from the cut of the bodice to the buttons down the back can not be matched. Lace Brides Love Him and we love his availability to our brides. This Iowa boy has our forever lace heart.  @matthewbridal

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After three years as the lead designer for Mon Cheri Bridal’s Couture line, Collection by Laine Berry, Laine has launched her own bridal label. Laine is an Arkansas Native and her desire is to combine her love of and commitment to allowing women to create the best versions of themselves.
“I’m a Gypsy at heart” Laine says. As a child Laine couldn’t decide if she wanted to be an archeologist or an actress when she grew up, so she grew up to be a fashion designer instead. “Fashion allows me to transform into a new person every single day.“Dressing should be thrilling, it should be an adventure. There are no rules that dictate what we wear on any day, much less the most important day of our lives.” Laine’s bridal line brings her vivacity and whimsy to life in a uniquely wearable way. Who do you want to be on your wedding day? A classic Hollywood goddess? A garden nymph? A blushing beauty? Laine Berry Bride has the dream come true for you!


Buyers at Lace Bridal Experience bring their expertise in seeking the unique,fashion forward designs from designers around the world. Our 

Southern Elegance by Chic Nostalgia gowns 

are a favorite for brides traveling in from

New Orleans,Atlanta,West Monroe, Memphis 

and across the south. @lace_bridal 

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Lace also specializes in gowns for those I just 

can't wait wedding dates."Just for You " gowns

can be altered and ready to go in just a few 


                       Just For You

           My moment is now, it is present.

            Fields of Grass, Bricked Streets

                      Waves Crashing

                        Love is here

                        Just for You



 ​Lace Bridal Experience Brides delve in a world of rich fabrics, french laces, pearls, and swarvoski crystals all hand beaded. Designers accustomed to redcarpets, royal weddings, and custom design hang ready for Lace Brides to make their selection. Whether you are dreaming of the sandy beaches of Bali, the great smokey mountains of Tennessee, a beautiful historic cathedral or the BB King Blues Museum they are ready to assist you in creating the gown of your dreams. Lace Buyers purchase gowns from all of our designers "Just For You " to give those : "I Just Can't wait" brides the gown of their dreams in a matter of days.  Call and ask about what we have "Just For You"  or  message me on facebook at Lace Bridal Experience. Join in the fun and # your gowns with some of our suggestions.

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The perfect bridesmaid match can be found in the beautiful collections we have. Especially Bari Jay.  @barijayfashions  #barijay

Sand pours, winding keys

Fleeting Moments

Now and Forever

A tear falls, her eyes brighten

Time stand still



Style Me Bridal

Luxurious, Soft, Hand touched, Romantic

Softly covers the body

For this moment in time

I choose lace!


Stately doors, A Bashful Smile

A Handsome Prince

Reoccuring while she slumbers


Dreams Come True

Modeca Bridal first started in 1946 in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, as a little shop that sold lace, buttons and other little knick knacks. After a while, Modeca successfully moved on and started designing hand crafted bridal designs. From that point on, the business flourished and Modeca has jazzed up the bridal industry since. They have a passion for bridal and certainly make magic happen. The attention to piping on this gown transforms the lace.

Philippe Matthew has worked with some of the top bridal designers in the industry before branching out and starting Fiore Couture. He may have the same title as his fellow designers yet he is not your typical success story. Philippe Matthew has worked hard to give brides high quality couture while still enhancing the essence of elegance in every gown.
His benevolence is also a large part of Fiore Couture. Teaming up with talented students from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City he helps young designers build experience to expand the audience and allow everyone to experience a fairy tale wedding gown from Fiore Couture.
These gowns are for your eyes only since you will not find them on the internet.  They are part of an exclusive line for the bride seeking that something special. Follow Philippe on instagram @fiorecouture 

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