Selecting Your Veil

Selecting Your Veil

Your wedding dress is only one part of your wedding day attire. Just as your shoes are part of your outfit day-to-day, the accessories truly make the look when it comes to your wedding. One of the most important accessories is the veil, as it adds that classic bridal look to your dress and gives your entire look additional movement. So, how do you know how to pick the right veil?



One of the first things to consider is the veil’s length: the length helps determine the overall shape, and should work with your silhouette. The big key is to consider whether your veil is cutting off the lines of your dress (ie, you wouldn’t want a veil that stops midway down the skirt of your ball gown) and if it’s flattering your face. As a face-framing element, you want to be sure you choose a length you like on yourself!



After shape, you need to consider the fabric: do you want classic, simple tulle? Lace? A combination of both? The fabric itself of your veil matters, so it’s key to choose one that not only suits you but also pairs well with your dress (for instance, you might want a simple veil with a lace dress, and vice versa). 



One of the major elements of your veil is the embellishments. From lace and satin edges to rhinestones and pearls, embellishments add that perfect, elevated look to bring your dress to the next level. Choosing whether you want something sleek or intricate affects the overall look of your wedding dress, so it’s important to consider how the two will look together. 

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