How to Pick the Best Tuxedo Colors

How to Pick the Best Tuxedo Colors

While wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in choosing what you wear—after all, the bride is the focus of the wedding—but at some point, you need to really consider what the groom and groomsmen will wear. You want your husband to look just as good as you do all day (plus, the groomsmen will be in all of your pictures, and you want them to look as good as the bridesmaids do). Here we’ve put together some of our favorite tips for picking the best tuxedos for your wedding!





The first thing to consider with the color of your tuxedos is the time of year. Depending on the season, you may want to slightly lighter in the spring and summer or slightly darker in the fall and winter. You can also play with pattern a bit more in the warmer months—adding a bright pop of color in a bow tie or cumberbund could give the perfect finishing touch to your wedding!





Another thing to consider is what the groom likes: if your man is more fashion-forward, he may be willing to take more risks and go with a non-traditional tux color, but some men prefer to stick with a classic black. Be sure to consider how comfortable you groom will feel in his look!





Depending on your venue, you may want to choose something to fit the feel of your wedding. If you’re having an evening church wedding, you may want to choose a more classic look, while if you’re having an outdoor boho wedding, you may want to go with a lighter color to fit your venue. 


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